Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection

Having a netbook has helped me to get my work done faster. I don’t to wait for my teacher to tell me what to do. I can just go on our class site and see what I need to do. I have had my Netbook for 3 years and it has always been useful.

I advise having a Netbook could probably help anyone with their learning. It has definitely helped me with my Reading and Writing. I personally think that my netbook has helped to build up my vocabulary.

My Netbook is useful in lots of different ways. For example if I am unsure about something, I can research online to confirm my answer. Last term my friends and I researched about world war 2, and we made a documentary about it.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a famous man known all around the world. He has recently died at the age of 95. Nelson Mandela used to be the President for South Africa, from 1994 to 1999. It was a big shock to find out that this famous man had died. He stopped racism, poverty and inequality in his country (South Africa). Before Nelson Mandela became President he served 27 years in prison, for encouraging black South Africans to go on strike and for illegally leaving South Africa.

Nelson Mandela stood out to others so much that he won the following awards. 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Soviet Order of Lenin and the Bharat Ratna.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kingston's Year Book

This is my Pt England Year Book.


E te mauri mai tāwhiti
E te whare, te papa, te kainga noho, tēnā koutou
Ki ngā anahera, kua rere hei taki, hei tuara mo te hunga ora, haere
Ki a tātou, he mihi nui
Ko Maungarei te maunga
Ko Te Wai o Taiki te awa
Ko Ukutoia te papa
Tēnā koutou
Ko Peter tōku pāpā, nō Niue ia
Ko Sandy tōku māmā, nō Niue ia
Ko Kingston tōku ingoa
Ko Panmure tōku kainga noho
Tekau mā toru ōku tau
E ngā manuhiri tuārangi, ngā tauira, kaiako, kaumātua, he mihi nui, he mihi aroha
Anei he kōrero a te kura, “Whaiā kia eke”
Nōreira tēnā koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thrust Investigation

In Extension we got split up into groups, to find out how fast our balloons could get from one side of the string to the other. This is our results for our 2 investigation.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 6 maths Strategy

3. Tiaki is fixing part of his fence. The pickets he needs are .68m long each. How many metres of timber does he need to cut up 45 pickets?
0.68 X ? = 45
0.68 X 10 = 6.8
40 = 27.2
0.68 X 5 = 3.4
27.2 + 3.4 = 30.6

Week 5 Maths Stratey

12. Tama is making costumes for the production. Each of the costumes he makes uses  .39m2 of material. How many can he make with 33m2
0.39 X 10 = 3.9
0.39 X 20 = 7.8
0.39 X 40 = 15.6
0.39 X 80 = 31.2
0.39 X 82 = 31.78
0.39 X 83 = 32.17
0.39 X 84 = 32.56

0.39 X 85 = 32.95