Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Different Angled Shots

In our Literacy block we have been learning about different angled shots and how to do them. So this is a short movie to show what two of my mates and I have made!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pacific Rim

Have you heard of a new movie called ‘Pacific Rim’? Well on Thursday my dad, older brother and I went and watched it at the Hoyts cinema in Sylvia Park.

“Lets go, we’re going to miss the movie”, I said as I walked out the back door. I was so excited to watch the movie, BUT my only doubt was that we might have missed the movie. We were actually supposed to go to Manukau to watch the movie but traffic was moving like a snail so our plans changed. We arrived at the Sylvia Park Mall at 5:30 and the movie started at 5:40.

As soon as my dad paid for our tickets my brother and I collected our snacks and went into Cinema 7. The movie started and two men appeared on the screen. They were brothers getting ready for a mission. They had to fight this big monster but one of the brothers died. Over the years their country was getting destroyed and wrecked by these enormous monsters called Kaiju. It took many years but the humans found out a way to fight back, they created monster of their own. Their monster were huge robots, a bit like Transformers but these ones needed two people to control it. The two people were located in the head where they could see everything and control the body.

The movie carried on but it was set 5 years later, and it got really interesting. The brother that survived in the beginning had a new partner and she was just qualified to control a robot. There were 4 different robots that protected their country a Russian one, a Chinese one, an Australian one, and an American one. Their mission was to protect the town from three Kaiju from attacking a town nearby. The Russian and Chinese ones ended up getting killed so the American one took on all three a ripped them to bits.

I have tried to explain the movie in the best way possible but it is too hard because the movie is too extreme. Anyway if you have the time and your parents are willing to take you, then you should watch the movie for yourself!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Matariki Festival

Recently there was a Matariki light trail which took place in the Maybury reserve in Glen Innes to celebrate Matariki. Since it was so interesting to see all of the colourful lights that lit up the Maybury reserve, I am going to write about it.

 The light festival was on for a whole week (actually 8 days). On Thursday night my whole family went down to view the festival. We parked in the G.I. Community Hall car park, near the library. As we entered the Maybury reserve some lights that were hung on the fences were the first lights we saw.  Then there were more lights than I expected. When we stepped into the park it was like we weren't even in G.I. anymore.

The lights were all around the reserve. 
It felt like we were in a town square in Las Vegas. It seemed like the whole reserve was covered in colourful neon lights.I think some of the lights had meanings but I didn’t know what they meant.

On the last day (Saturday night) the organisers lit up fireworks to help mark the occasion. The last day of the festival was really cold so only my mum, older brother and I went. There were loads and loads of people crowding around the food stores. My family and I tried to work ourselves around the crowd but it took forever. We were going to wait for the fireworks to happen but it took too long to wait, so we left. Even though I didn’t get to see the fireworks I still think it was an awesome thing to put on for the public!  

You can go onto this site to find out more about the meaning of Matariki:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 has been an exciting term for me because of all the sports that were on.  One of our school Rugby teams (Intermediate open weight team) won the Eastern Zone Tournament and then went on to the Auckland Champs. This term our school has been successful in sport.

I enjoyed using my netbook during class. I think it is a better way to help me learn instead of waiting for my teacher to explain our next task. The last few days of the term were cool because my class had a shared lunch, and my teacher let us have free time. This term the topic was MHKR (My Healthy Kitchen Rules). All the kids in the intermediate block had the opportunity to make sandwiches at school. First we planned our sandwich, then we made them, and finally we let some other people taste them.
The best part of school for me was playtime and lunchtime. This is because I played touch with my mates. The year 7&8 block had a Fun run which was 5km long in distance. I accomplished my goal by completing the course. I am a House-Captain for Te Arawa (Red) and in term 3 the whole school will be having a cross country run. Hopefully I will be much fitter by the time it happens. This term has been cool, but next term will probably be even better!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pt England Be A Single Gender School?.....

Should Pt England Be A Single Gender School?.....

I do not care whether Pt England is a Boy only or Girl only school. But I think that Pt England will be better as a boys only school. At Pt England both genders are doing well academically. The only reason I think it should be an all boys school is because their will be no dramas.

Prospective Student

As the determined adventurer dangled off the side of the cliff, his only focus was getting to the top. His dream was to make it into an elite Martial Arts School located somewhere at the top of the mountain. The adventurer had conquered a lot of dangerous challenges, but this had to be the hardest challenge of all. BY FAR! “My arms are aching, but it’s too late to turn around now. I have reach the top of this cliff ”, he said to himself.

He peered over the edge of the mountain. With all his might he pulled himself up. He saw nothing except a pathway which must have lead him to his destination . Even though all his energy was drained, he still carried on his journey through the blankets of fog. Trudging along the pathway, he finally found what he was looking for.

As soon as he arrived he knocked on the colossal door and waited nervously, for someone to answer. A clanking sound greeted him as the door opened. An old man answered and then pointed away. The adventurer thought he was telling him to go away, so he meditated for days and days. The next day he knocked on the door again. The old man answered and then pointed away again. The adventurers feelings changed from excitement to anger. He then kicked the door down and the old man once again pointed away. All that time The old man was pointing to a sign that said ‘PLEASE USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE!!!’   The adventurer felt ashamed of himself.

Shack And The Beanstalk (Narrative)

Once upon a time there was a boy named Shack who lived with his mum. They lived in the far side of the forest in a tiny cottage. Shack was an only child and ever since his dad left them they became a very poor family. The only thing they had besides themselves, was their cow. “Shack, my boy go take our cow to the town square and trade it for something valuable” Shacks mum demanded.

As soon as Shack arrived at the town, a strange old monk approached him. Shack did not know what he wanted but the monk still walked towards him. The monk carried beans in his hands. He said “take these beans because these holy beans are special”. The monk colored liked away while repeating the words “ Beware the power, beware the power , Beware the power.In a blink of an eye the monk was gone with Shack’s cow. Shack did not care about the cow anymore he was thinking of how his mum is going to kill him. When Shack reached home he thought of an excuse to tell his mum.

Later that night Shack had a visitor at his house. She was the princess of the town, but she was trying to escape from prince Jeremy . A lightning bolt struck near Shack’s house. The impact was so hard it made him drop his beans. He saw that the beans fell into a glass of water, then vines grew out of the tiny beans. Shack stepped back slowly as the green long vines thickened and grew. Shack noticed it grew higher and higher. The huge vine then crashed through the clouds and led to the sky. As they grew a vine reached out and pulled them up sky high.

Shack and the princess found themselves stuck at the top of vine. The vine let them go and they landed on a big white cloud. Peering through the mist of the clouds Shack managed to make out a shape of a village up ahead. They headed to the village where hobbits was laughing and playing. Suddenly, one of the hobbits spotted them and screamed out “Giants!!!” Shrieking with fright, the hobbits scurried back into their underground burrows.

to be continued...