Friday, August 27, 2010

Fiafia night practices

At the end of the term our school is having a Fia fia night. A Fia fia night is when people have fun and have a celebration. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the groups practice after lunch for the Fiafia night. I am in the Niuean group with some of my friends. Everyone had a chance to choose the group they wanted to be in. The choices for the groups were Stomp, hip hop, Glee, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Music video, Cook Island, Dragon dance and Jump Jam. I chose the Niuean group because its my culture.

Yesterday all of the groups had a practice. My aunty came to the Niuean practice. She was there to help us sing and learn some more Niue songs. She also came because she is my cousins mum. My cousins name is Stevenson, and he is 6 years old. So far I have been enjoying the Niuean practices because it is cool doing the Niuean haka with my friends.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Sunday

If you see the word ‘lauga’ in my writing it is the Niuean way of saying speech .

On Saturday the 22nd of August my family on my Dads side had White Sunday. My brother and I had to do a lauga.

“Oh do we have to go”? I said to my Dad. “Yes you do because you are saying a lauga and I want you guys to memorize it too” my dad said.

As you already know that people have Church on Sundays you should know that on one day of Church there is a White Sunday. It only comes once a year. It is a day to celebrate the children and for everyone to see how special they are to the Church.

“Today you guys have White Sunday and we are leaving soon, so hurry up and get dressed.” “Ok Dad” my brother and I replied and we set off to get dressed. We got dressed in black sulus, white long sleeve shirts and a black vest. Eventually we got to Church. My brother and I quickly practiced our laugas just so we knew it.

Suddenly Church started and we sang a song. Soon after my brother, cousins and I were standing in front of the Church. I was very nervous. A few minutes later it was time to say our laugas. It was nearly my turn but I didn’t want to say mine but I had to so I just stood there nervously. It finally became my turn and I waited for everyone to be quiet so that they could hear me.

When I finished my lauga I felt relieved and happy. My lauga was only about 1 minute long. It was a simple lauga because if I compared it to my cousins one there would have been a big difference.

After Church had finished we had a feed. There was chicken, rice crackles, pizza, chips and more that I can remember. At the end of the day me and my family went home happy and safe. We had a good day and we were full of food.

The End

Cross Country

Today Pt.England had cross Country, I was very nervous. As soon as school had started everyone went to class and got ready for cross country. My class quickly rushed outside to line up for cross country. My friends and I were waiting to run. We were talking about it and we were discussing whether we should run at the back.

“Team 4 you're up”. It was finally our turn to run and we were all nervous. We were talking and then next minute a loud noise went off. “Bang" suddenly everyone sprinted off like a herd of animals, as fast as they could except for me and some of my friends.

While I was running my legs were pumping as I started to slow down. I got around the corner and stepped in some squishy mud. Then while I turned the next corner I stepped in some watery mud. My legs were covered in mud. My friend caught up to me then he started running with me. He was getting tired and then he said “man I need a drink.”

As we were slowly jogging to the end my friend Waata sprinted off, so my other friend Crusader jogged with me to the finish line. We sprinted to the end while people everywhere cheered.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jesse Martin

In 1998 Jesse Martin wanted to circumnavigate the world to prove that he can achieve great things. He went though physical and mental challenges on his journey because he was lonely and his mind was wandering. I think he circumnavigated the world to prove that anyone inexperienced can follow their dreams.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

group movie

As part of our Immersion Week we got into groups and had to research a particular mariner Ms Squires gave us. Our groups had to create animations and a movie to show the rest of the class what we had found out about them.

Christopher Columbus by Waata, Crusader, Gabriel and Kingston.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maritime Museum
Salty Sam is a gruff and grumpy captain who guided us on our tour, though the museum. He also bellowed orders to us “don’t talk, don’t touch” and don’t answer questions.

After our session with Salty Sam we went outside.”Come outside everyone a cannon is about to explode.” Suddenly a ships bell started to ring so we counted down to zero from ten “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” nothing happened so we counted again but this time we counted from three. “3, 2, 1 fire”. “The cannon made a massive noise.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Immersion Assembly

On Monday the 19th of July the whole of Point England had an Immersion Assembly. It was to welcome back Pt England school. The theme for this term is Mighty Mariners.
First Mr Burt came and did a prayer, then he showed us some footage of boats and people. After that movie had finished team 1 showed us their movie. Their movie was an animation about Kupe and the 7 canoes. (I had drawn all the pictures because my mum teaches in that team).

Then team2 (Mrs She and Miss Burne) got up and did a play. Teams three, four, and five followed after and Immersion Assembly was awesome.

Team five was really just Miss Tito disguised as Jessica Watson. Jessica Watson is the youngest person to sail around the world solo. I think that Miss Tito is a really good actor. The only thing was that she thinks Australia is the best at everything, she probably thinks that because Jessica Watson was from Australia. (playing her part).

I can’t wait to learn more about Mighty Mariners at school.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Different Perspectives on Mrs Tele'a

The year five and six Extension group have been drawing Mrs Tele'a from different perspectives. Here is an example.

We are doing this to help us draw maps from different perspectives but this wasn't a map. Most of us think that Cruz had the best one because it was very detailed and it looked cool.Some of us didn't like theirs and some did. So now you know why we were doing it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


"Kia ora my name is Boy and welcome to my interesting world".

Have you seen the movie Boy? Well if you haven't it is a funny movie. Boy is about the life of an 11 year old Maori boy living in NZ. His real name is Alamein. He lives in a white house with his Nana, brother and cousins. His brother’s name is Rocky and his cousins names are Hucks, Kiko, Muria, Shay and Kelly.

One day the Nana leaves to go to a funeral. Since Boy is the oldest, their nana leaves him in charge of the kids and the house. Anyway I should tell you how my family and I felt watching the movie.

I liked the movie because it made me laugh. Boy’s father was the funniest character. Boy thinks his father can dance as good as Michael Jackson, is a master carver, deep sea treasure diver, and he actually thinks that his father can punch out a whole rugby team with one hand.

Boy’s father has his own gang called ‘The Crazy Horses’. Boy wants to be in it, but his father said that he was too young. I think that Boys father was a bit silly because he still acts like a kid.

My parents really loved the movie because it reminded them of school in the old days. In 1984 my mum was 11 just like Boy.

The movie Boy is a classic and I hope that there will be a Boy part 2. If you haven’t seen it, go and see it.

(P.S. Boy contains some violence and bad language that may offend some people)