Monday, June 24, 2013


Today in our literacy block my group and I have been learning about Metabolism. I have learnt that men burn more fat than women. The older you get your metabolism slows down. Metabolism helps to turn food into fuel and then burns it. A person with a healthy body and that is fit has a faster metabolism than an overweight person that does no exercise.

Friday, June 21, 2013

6 Hats

Blue Hat:
Starford:focus more on what we need to do
Kingston: I need to stop mucking around and get some work done.

Red Hat:
Starford: I felt really motivated this week while making our video
Kingston: I felt like we needed to do more work.

Black Hat:
Starford: I didn't enjoy planning the movie
Kingston: I didn’t enjoy editing

Yellow Hat:
Starford: I enjoyed  doing the funny parts in our video
Kingston: I enjoyed working with my mates.

Green Hat:
Kingston: An interesting thing that happen this week was that we actually finished our movie.
Starford: A interesting fact that happened this week

White Hat:
Starford: I learnt that we need to stop mucking around.    
Kingston: I learnt how to hold an Ipad.

Monday, June 10, 2013

SSW Week 6 (20 Hour Famine)

The 20 Hour Famine is an event that happens every year. It is to help kids all around the world that don’t have any food, shelter, and even Families. This year the Famine is targeting a place called Bougainville, which is in Papua New Guinea. I have always wondered what it was like to be starving, and so this year I did experience hunger.

The reason why people do the Famine is to Fundraise money to help these kids who are really desperate for food. If I had to compare myself to kids in Bougainville it will be sad. They are not well educated and their brains don’t function properly because they don’t get the foods they need.

Another sad thing About Bougainville is that they don’t drink clean water. Kids there often get sick and when they go to the doctors the doctor is hardly even there. They don’t have the medicine that they really need. I had just found out something very disgusting and sad. Sometimes people In Bougainville do their business in a river, then later on they get their water to drink from their.

Some students were picked or volunteered to do the Famine. We slept over in our school library, and did exciting activities. Such as Playing a balloon game, Team challenges and even watched a movie. Even though I was hungry I still had a great time!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 5 SSW

On a cold wet day like this, who would even think about walking to school in this weather? Unfortunately that silly person was me. As my soaking wet clothes caused rain drops to roll down my arms and legs, my only focus was getting to school.

Week 4 SSW

That ring of rocks you see above are located somewhere in the world. Two adventures named Jack and Jill are on the lookout to find them. There is something special about those rocks that only the adventures know about.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


As we all know it is obviously winter, the coldest time of the year. Winter is a good time to double-up on blankets, and if you have a fireplace, make a nice hot fire. The two things that I have listed to keep you warm in winter is what I do at home. It is constantly keeping me warm so you should try it too!

On past wet and cold days, who would even think about walking to school. I have recently seen kids walking to school in the disgusting weather, so I am not even thinking about walking. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!! I couldn’t stand the fact that I would get to school drenched in water in the freezing cold because my clothes would be soaked.

Churburger Advertisement

This is a movie to advertise our healthy sandwich. We made the sandwich, then planned our script and now we have finished recording. This is what we have made over the past few weeks.