Friday, February 26, 2010

Kingston's Capture the Flag

On Friday Room 14 and 15 played an exciting game called Capture the flag. Before we played, Miss King divided us into teams. They were room 14 and 15. Then she precisely explained the rules while we listened attentively. After she explained the rules we went down to the bottom field and set up the game. When the game was set up, we were all ready to play. Miss King asked both teams if we were ready, then she said ''GO''. Suddenly every body started sprinting off like a herd of stampeding animals. We tried to get each others flag but we got tug so we had to wait for someone to take us back to our side of the field. When the game was about to finish the score was 7 to 1, so we were winning. Then Prince got one more goal and we won the game. The aim of the game was to capture each others flag.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Kingston.
For everyone reading Kingston's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts he wrote for his class's blog in Room 12 last year.
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