Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ten pin bowling

Ten pin bowling

I was standing up straight in a bowling lane waiting to get hit. Suddenly the bowler bowled the ball and it went to fast and struck me right in the chest . I went flying like a bird and banged my head on another pin. Then I said "sorry mate are you all right".

Monday, May 17, 2010

Podcasting for KPE : Splatter

Skyracer Purple - Splatter"Splatter"  by Janice Marriott is my podcast with Starford.

Read this teaser from the book...
"Darryl joins Greg and Sam for the ride of his life – a quad-bike tour that involves a lot of mud! He knows he’s in for a tough ride when Greg tells him, ‘Next stop, the water bog!’"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aunty Missy's Wedding

“You got me” by J. Williams blasted out of the speakers as we danced. It was my aunty Missy’s Wedding.

Missy is my mum’s youngest sister who got married to a man called Augustine, but we call him Gus for short. They had their ceremony at a church called St Michaels Catholic Church in Remuera. Because Gus is Fijian, the grooms men and page boys had to wear ‘sulus’. A ‘sulu’ is something that looks like a skirt. The bridesmaids wore long baby blue dresses.

After the ceremony, everyone drove to a place that looked very flash for the reception.

When we had eaten and the speeches had finished, my brother Jordan, cousin Stevenson and I had to perform. We had spent weeks trying to make our performance perfect, but some of the time we mucked around when we were practicing.

Anyway as soon as the song started playing, everyone started screaming like we were famous or something, but they were actually screaming because they loved the song. It was “You got me” by J.Williams and Scribe.

As soon as our item was over, my brother and I raced off to the toilets to count our money. I had $130 and Jordan had $120. Even though we wasted a lot of time mucking around during our practices, I still think that our performance was the best.

Everybody had a great time. I think my aunty looked stunning in her dress and I think that it was a fantastic wedding.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Improvements to Project.

In our last project we sort of blew it because we didn't think about what we were doing and we didn't think about how our movie related to the theme "change" so we decided to improve our movie.

First of all this is our game plan.

The voice overs:Joshua.

Coming up with the slogan:Kingston.

Who is filming: Angela.

Actors,Joshua and Kingston.

So there is our game plan to try and make our movie more alive to our audience from the start to the end.

Here is our movie that we made and tell us what you think about it.