Friday, October 8, 2010

Holiday Jobs

“Oh it’s the holidays! Jordan what are we going to do?” In the two week holiday break my brother and I have been doing some house work and odd jobs for our family.

It all started when my brother and I got bored of staying at home so we decided to make a leaflet. The leaflet said ‘J & K for hire’. It also said ‘we can wash cars; do house work and any odd jobs’.

As soon as we printed the leaflets we zoomed off to our family in our area and delivered them. I think my family was quite surprised to get a leaflet from my brother and I.

During the holidays we cleaned 5 cars, did some house work and did other odd jobs. I felt happy that I earned some money because it was pretty cool and it was better than sitting at home on the game or computer.

The whole idea was to get some money for the holidays so that we didn’t have to ask our parents for some.

So what did you get up to in the holidays?