Monday, April 26, 2010

Immersion Assembly term2

Suddenly a siren blared as Mr J walked though the door telling us what to do. It was our Immersion assembly to welcome PT England back to school, for term2, our topic was Active Earth.

My highlight of Immersion assembly was when it was team 4's turn to perform on the stage, I was excited.First Maggie Magma and her assistant Miss Lava lava introduced themselves and then
Maggie Magma announced the contestant's. there were Cinders, Miss Larha, and Super sonic
electronic tectonic bionic.

My other favourite item was team 1's item. It was cool when Miss Wild coughed out flour
because it looked real. I can not wait till next terms immersion assembly.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kingston's Camp Highlights

Last month in March the year 5's to 7's had a school camp. I was excited because I had never been on a school camp like this before. As soon as our camp started, everybody raced off to their activities, such as bowling, skating, rock climbing, cooking and others.

Skating for me was a disaster because I kept falling over and it was sore. Some of the kids were good at it and some weren't. I think the kids that were good were good because they practice or they have their own roller skates at home.

One enjoyable thing about skating was that my dad was there to support me and he bought me a drink because I badly needed it. The best thing about camp was playing with my friends at lots of different activities and having fun on the last day of camp at Swim-a-rama pools.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010