Friday, October 8, 2010

Holiday Jobs

“Oh it’s the holidays! Jordan what are we going to do?” In the two week holiday break my brother and I have been doing some house work and odd jobs for our family.

It all started when my brother and I got bored of staying at home so we decided to make a leaflet. The leaflet said ‘J & K for hire’. It also said ‘we can wash cars; do house work and any odd jobs’.

As soon as we printed the leaflets we zoomed off to our family in our area and delivered them. I think my family was quite surprised to get a leaflet from my brother and I.

During the holidays we cleaned 5 cars, did some house work and did other odd jobs. I felt happy that I earned some money because it was pretty cool and it was better than sitting at home on the game or computer.

The whole idea was to get some money for the holidays so that we didn’t have to ask our parents for some.

So what did you get up to in the holidays?


  1. Hi Kingston

    I thought that it was a really good idea for you and Jordan to earn some money for yourselves over the holidays. Please make sure that you thank your nana and aunties and uncles for providing you both with jobs and for paying you guys quite generously!

    From Mum xx

  2. I agree with your mum Kingston - what a very good idea! Then to act on it - awesome! I'm sure that your family were happy to receive the leaflet and to also have the two of you working for them. Maybe you could talk to my children about it - they often complain of being bored in the holidays...Keep up the good writing Kingston!
    Mrs Tele'a

  3. Hi Kingston,

    Well done Kingston to you and brother Jordan for doing such great work over the school holidays and for coming up with the idea of J & K for hire. I thought you both did really well and I'm sure your Nana, aunties and uncles really appreciated the effort and time you both put in to getting the jobs done. well done Kingston and keep up the good writing.

  4. Hi Kingston,
    Gus and I were happily surprised with the iniative you and your brother took over the holidays to put together your pamphlet and then complete the work as promised. We were extremely happy with the work you guys did for us and will happily hire you guys again! Awesome work and I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Keep up the good work and awesome writing. Christmas is coming...

  5. Hi Kingston

    WOW! You cleaned 5 cars in the holiday how much money did you earn from doing jobs.

    Keep the good work up.

  6. This is amazing Kingston! Next time you do this please consider me whanau and drop your pamphlet in my letterbox. I need someone like you in my life. You are so enterprising. Well done :)

  7. Well done Kingston! It is great to see such initiative and how it paid off! Hat tip to you and your brother.


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