Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Body Building

“Sheesh you guys are looking good”. On Saturday the 5th, two of my uncles competed in a bodybuilding competition. I didn’t know what they were going to come, but man I really hope I look like them in the future. Their names are Hayden and Jon.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch them pose at the comp, because it was too expensive. My parents went while I had to stay at my grandparents house .Anyway  after the long wait my parents finally came to pick my brothers, sister and I up from our nana’s house. As soon as they arrived I ran to my dad to look at the photo’s they had taken.
I was surprised because my uncle Hayden came third in his pool.
When I saw the magnificent photo’s I was very shocked, because what my uncles looked like in the photo’s was nothing similar to what they look like in real life. Looking at the photo’s made me think, why didn’t they come first and second? This was their first time bodybuilding and still the results were fantastic.

Even though this was the first time my uncles experienced what bodybuilding was like, I was still convinced that they should have come first and second. Anyway I can’t wait till their next competition. Go uncles!



  1. Loved reading this piece, the way you write is both interesting and clear. You have a great way with words.
    I'm not surprised you are feeling inspired to follow in your uncles' footsteps, I'm also feeling inspired. Any training tips?

  2. Great photo Kingston and a good result for their first time bodybuilding, I am sure they had to train hard. I enjoyed reading your post too. Your writing got my attention from the start and you have used some great descriptions. Good luck to your uncles for their next competition.

  3. Hi Kingston

    I liked reading this post about your uncles Jon and Hayden. They look super fit don't they? Well on the night they were amazing and I was very proud of them. You never know, you might want to be a body builder in the future too. Keep up the great writing.

    Love from Mum xx

  4. sup Kington

    Your uncle of yours are really bulky and amazing. keep up the good work!

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