Friday, May 27, 2011

Te Papa Museum

As soon as we arrived at the Te Papa Museum I couldn’t wait to go and explore the place. First we went on the Motion Masters and we also went to this place were we can take pictures. And just before we were going to Present we experienced what it will be like in a house at the time of and Earthquake.

On The Plane To Wellington

As soon as I jumped on the plane I knew I wouldn't be sitting with my friends because we had different seat numbers. Anyway as we were settling on the plane the waiters were handing out Pretzels and Jet plane lollies. They were also handing out Coffee and water.

On the plane there were little screens hanging off the ceiling and on them were quiz questions. My mates and I answered some of them and we were right then after a while we started to get bored. As we were in the air I started to get really sore ears.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning Our Netbook Cases

Today Room17 had to do a Task it was to redesign our Netbook cases. So I have replaced my small name tag and made it bigger. I have also added a T.V screen on the front so I can watch T.V when I want to.

I put the T.V on the front because when I am bored I can watch it. The reason why I made my name tag bigger is because it will stand out more and people will know its mine.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology Challenge Part 2

First we will role up three newspapers to make three tubes. Then we will cut one in half and use it for a small tube. After that we will stick one tube to the table and stick the small one to the bottom of the big one. We will also make the last tube stick to the bottom to make two right angles.

As soon as we started to make our marble track it was looking like a dump, because we had just cut lots of paper and tried to stick it together. When our time was coming to an end we were trying to do some finishing touches because our marble track was a failure.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons Begin!!

“Oh no Swimming again”. Swimming lessons, are not my favourite sport, but I gave it a go anyway. As we got closer and closer to the pools I was trying to decide what pool to go in the Middle one, or the big one, Miss Garden said we had to choose depending on how confident we felt. I wasn’t really confident but she picked me to go in the big pool anyway.

As soon as I hoped into the big pool I shivered like I was in an ice bath.When I saw my mates jump in the pool, I assumed they will be cold too, but they were fine, they acted like nothing happened at all. I sank down to my shoulders, trying to get used to the water.

“Ok Kingston you need to practice your breathing and keep your legs straight”, I tried following instructions. “Ok off you go”. As I swam to the end of the pool it got more difficult for me because it felt like I was going to sink to the bottom.

"Yay free time boys” I said. As soon as we heard free time we started to get crazy like animals. My friends and I straight away played wrestling. I went under water to pick my friend Darius up then suddenly Aaaa! came out of mouth. I was struggling to do it but I soon became complete.

Technology Challenge

As soon as I heard that we were going to do a Technology challenge I got filled with excitement. Seconds later I had gathered my group and got ready.

Our challenge was to make a marble travel from a table to the ground and it had to turn one corner. We had to make it out of 6 pieces of new paper and some cello tape. The time we had to do it in was 10 minutes.

My group was really different to the other groups because we were try to make it go on an angle then make it do a left turn. We had nearly completed the challenge but it couldn’t stand up so we had to keep working on it.

At the end I thought that we had done a good job because we were nearly successful and we had a good structure. I still think we could of done better because we took our time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wellington Here We Come

“Oh no come on Kingston get your stuff! ” I said to myself. As soon as I was up I went straight to put my uniform on and make my lunch.

On the 19th of May the Pt England Ambassadors went to Wellington and I am one of them. As soon as I got to school I went straight to the office to get my jacket and netbook. As all the ambassadors arrived to school, Mr and Mrs Burt made sure we were all at school and ready to go.

Stopping at the airport made my friends and I happy because we were all really desperate to go on the plane. As soon as the plane departed from the airport my ears started to hurt badly, but as much as I wanted to cry I just put up with it. Anyway on the plane my friends and I logged onto our netbooks and played a game called Burger Space.

“OK troops off the plane now” Mr Burt instructed to us. Soon we were trying to find a cab to take us to the Te Papa Museum, then suddenly we found one. After we had finished exploring the Museum we got ready to go and present our presentation. Before that we had a practice.

Minutes later everybody was in the hall waiting for us to present. I was a bit nervous because there were a lot of people but I still went on and did my job. After we had finished I thought that we had done a good job. We also got to go on our netbooks.

At the end of the day we had explored lots of places in Wellington and done heaps of stuff. We even had lunch at this place. To top everything off at the end of the day we went to a place called the Koru Lounge. It is a place where lots of rich people go and we went in. Everybody in there were surprised to see us in there, so we were lucky.

Suddenly the day started to end and we were just getting ready to go back to Auckland. At the end of the day I had lots of fun and had a good experience.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter introductions

I have written two introductions. The first one goes straight into the action and the second one goes straight into my feelings and thoughts

Splash, splash, splash “Oh the water is cold” I said to my brother. I was bored by myself so I went down to the deep end of the pool. We were at the Swimarama pools on a freezing day.

Thank goodness my auntie came and picked me up to take me swimming. If she didn’t, a wet cold day in the Easter break would of been more boring. I would of had to put up with my annoying brother and little twins.

Please vote witch one you think is the best.