Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is a movie that the year 5 and 6 extension group have made. The movie is about the pink and white terraces and about people that wanted to see what it was like in the past.
So please sit back and enjoy the movie. We hope you like it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Extreme volleyball

Bang! the ball went flying over the net after the player served it.

My family and I were at the ASB Stadium at Selwyn College on Saturday. We were there to play volleyball in a tournament, but it was more like we were there for fun.

Julianna and Kristopher were crying and I had to look after them. Then I said to the twins "stop crying". My mum, dad and brother were busy playing volleyball. After looking after them for 10 minutes I started getting frustrated because they kept crying and crying. "Hang on twins I'll give you some food" I said.

Luckily some of my aunties and uncles showed up to help me look after the twins. But I felt sorry for my aunty Rita who had to sit for a long time holding Julianna.

Volleyball was probably a good experience for my parents and brother because they liked playing it. I even got a chance to play volleyball during the breaks. Even though my parents team (the Niuean Ninja's) didn't win, they had an awesome time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twins turn 1

Wow! What a cool party! On Saturday the 12th of June my baby brother and sister (the twins) had their first birthday party.

As soon as the birthday started we sat down and said a prayer. Then we lit up the candles on the two birthday cakes. The twins looked hungry and happy because they tried to eat the cakes. My grandfather blessed the food. I think the prayer took a very long time because I was starving by the end of it. Finally, when the prayer was finished I said “what a relief”! Then I went and served my food.

I was very hungry so I quickly served my food and raced off to the tables. As soon as I got to my table I stuffed my face with food. I ate sausages, chicken, chocolate muffins and chocolate crackles. I also ate some scrumptious ham that was made by my aunty Stephanie.

We had a pirate and princess theme. My little sister Julianna was dressed as a princess. She wore a tiara and a beautiful princess dress. My little brother Kristopher was supposed to be dressed like Jack Sparrow the pirate, but he didn’t like wearing his costume. All of my aunties on my mum’s side came dressed as pirates and they looked awesome.

At the end of the day everyone was happy. The twins got some PJ’s, clothes, toys and lots of money as their presents.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


R.o.w 12 w.o.w reflection

What did I do well?
The thing I think I did well on was the shoe because it was detailed and it looked good.

how could I improve on what I did?
I could improve on my shoe because I think I could have done better.

Brick wall

what held you back from doing better?
The thing I think that held me back was myself because I kept taking and wasted time.


What is the purpose behind us doing Rock Our World?
1.Because we are famous.
2.To find out more about R.O.W.
3.Because we get to talk to people around the world.
4.Drawing the shoes.