Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fiafia 2013

"And now we have the group from the Rock of Polynesia", announced Gabriel. As soon as I heard that, I was ready to Rock 'n' Roll.

As the conch shell blew, eight fierce warriors approached the stage, and the crowd became silent. Those warriors shouted out "Koe kau ne hau, koe kau ne hau", meaning "the enemy is coming, the enemy is coming". Then a group of girls followed with a loud "Talage ke hau, talage ke hau", meaning "tell them to come, tell them to come". From then on the Niuean group rocked the stage.

As the performance went on, it made me feel that we were the best group. I wondered what the crowds response was. I reckon that the Niuean haka set the bar for all the other groups. We were loud and strong.

I was the leader of the Niuean group. I reckon I did well, and I felt proud of myself. After the performance I knew that my family were proud of me. The whole team did well, and I think it was cool that my mum and Ms Lavakula could take the whole group and teach us the actions and songs.

All the other groups did well but I still think we were the best!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This is a short movie about the 3P's. Protection, partnership and participation.


This is a karakia that we have been learning during Maori time. My friend and I were in the same group. Our task was to make a movie about the karakia and translate it from Maori to English. This is our finishing product.


“Oh now I don’t want to do the Triathlon”. A Triathlon is a competition that has three different sports. First you swim,bike and last you have to run. My friends Waata and James wanted to have a race to see how could finish the course first. two classes did it at the same time. Room 20 (my class) did it with room 15.

The first time we went through the course It was sort of tiring. I was racing with james from the bikes to the end. James and I crossed the finish line and waited for waata to finish. We all got ready for the next round. I wanted to beat james and Waata.

“Are you ready to lose”, I said. The second round didn’t go as planned. Waata and James just beat me, but at least I tried my best. The Triathlon was actually pretty cool, I like riding on the bike because I haven’t ridden a bike in ages.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

I think Term one has been a good term for me. I try to keep up to date with my work, but I have too many things to do. For the last few weeks I have been sort of up to date with my work. In my class we have a check-list that has to be filled out by the end of the week. Pt.England school has an upcoming Fiafia that will be on Thursday. I am the leader for the Niue group, I am going to be very nervous but I am going to do my best on the night.

There were heaps of highlights but hardly any that I didn't like. This term I liked it when my class had PE and Maori. P.E is a daily routine except for Tuesday, that is the day we have Maori in room 19. The only things I didn't like about class was getting in trouble and not finishing my work, besides that I like class school.

Every time I have an assigned task it takes me awhile to get it done. I know I can manage my time wisely but I talk too much, so no work gets done. Sometimes I can’t focus so I slack off and start talking for a long period of time. Most of the times I think I should just sit by myself and do some work. Next term hopefully I could get more work done.

depending on the topic for next term I think I am going to enjoy everything when I come back to school. I want to have a theme that is new and that we have never had before. Sometimes we just have the same topic and I get bored of it. My goals next term is to get fitter and to make the Rugby Team.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miguel Sure Thing

This is a song that my friends and I made. The original song is called Sure thing by Miguel, but we changed the lyrics and made a video clip to go with it. It was a assigned task from our teacher, that had to get finished in two weeks.

Test Writing

“Hey Jack have you seen my phone?” Dad anxiously said. Jack is twelve, he has one younger brother, one older sister and parents. If it is a hot day this family is always out doing cool and exciting activities.

On a cold wet day Jack’s family decided to stay inside and watch a family movie. They had a fire going, warm blankets, and of course snacks. As soon as the extremely loud movie started everyone snuggled up together to keep warm.

Half way through the movie dad realised something else had magically disappeared. It was an unusual experience for the family. Dad stopped the movie,”Thats it I am not going to play this movie until some explains why things are missing!” Dad was very furious.

We don’t know why dads phone and glasses have gone missing, so we get off our butts and start searching the area. Jack checks the sitting room, his older sister Skyla checks her and the parents rooms, while mum and dad wait for the things to return. “Here they are!” yelled Jack. Kristopher (youngest of the family) has just secretly hidden them in the kitchen.

After all of that searching the family finally go back to watch the movie together. Even though it was quite a mystery for the family to find the missing things, at least the day turned out fine!

Joshua Peoms

Joshua was a student at Mt Roskill Grammar School. He wrote a good poem called Brown Brother. He came to Pt.England school to teach some students how to write a good poem. This is a short movie that my friend Waata and I made.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Derelict House

“Wow look at that crusty old house.” Daney said. Broken tiles, rusty roofing, gutters hanging, dead wood was all we could see. “Far this house is UGLY.” I replied.“Yeah this house looks like it needs to go”!!! replied Kris. “hahaha, Yeah I agree.”

“ I bet you don’t have guts to go inside” said Kris. “Bey come on then let’s both go inside” proudly said Daney. The abandoned house looked pretty scary, to the boys, the house looked like it hadn't had an owner in ages. The grass was nearly knee-high and the house looked like it had been painted 30 years ago.                            

Slowly walking inside we saw a big layer of cobwebs. A rotten smell greeted us into the house, followed by other nasty smells. The creaking wood frightened us as we walked further and further into the darkness. “Oh man lets get out of here, nah,Kris I know you're scared but lets  just stay for a bit longer ok”.

“Hey what’s that over there?” said Daney. “It looks like a treasure chest or something valuable”. As we get closer and closer to our target, we hear a little rustle in the corner that frightens us. As quickly as we could, we try to open the treasure chest but it is sealed shut,”We need a key to open it”whispered Daney. “Ok lets take it home before midnight, lets get out of here A.S.A.P”!!!

The next day the Daney and Kris decided to go back to the scary old house. They searched and searched for the key but it wasn’t anywhere in sight. Just thinking about what was inside that chest made them more motivated to find the key. “Hey Daney come here I think this is it, I think I found the key”. They boys rushed home like they were going to miss the bus or something.

“I want to open it, no I am”, the boys were fighting over who was going to open the chest. Not long after their mum came to their room to see what all the ruckus was about. She opened the door and glanced over to the boys and saw the big chest, she could not believe it.