Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Lighting the Christmas Tree Event

Kingston & Darius are going to a Lighting the Christmas Tree event ran by Telecom. Kingston and Darius are both twelve years old.

The two of them, and some others kids from Pt England went to Telecom in Town. When they arrived there, these two ladies From Telecom named Courtney and Karyn guided them to Victoria Park. That is where the event was going to take place.

As the night passed by Kingston began to feel hungry. He was starving because he didn't take any food to eat. He wasn't the only one that was hungry, His friend Darius was also hungry. They wondered how they were going to solve the problem.  
“Ok guys here are some bags of food for everyone to eat” The Two ladies from Telecom said.
Kingston and Darius were happy to hear the news from the two ladies. As soon as the two hungry boys received their bag of food they demolished all the food inside it, and sat for a while to rest their stomachs.

The Host said “ On three I want everyone to shout a big HO,HO,HO.” Everyone did but it was not loud enough so the tree only lit to half way then went back down again. The Host said “ come guys that wasn’t loud enough, so again he said on three shout a big HO,HO,HO.” Everyone did and the tree lit up to the top and it look so cool.

As the night came to an end everyone from Pt England had enjoyed their time and was ready to go back to school and get picked up. Kingston  had the time of his life and it was a night that he will never forget!

Click Here to see some photo's and video's.


  1. Hey Kingston,

    I loved reading your blog post! I was at the tree too and I enjoyed it when the kids yelled out ho ho ho to light the tree up, you did a great job.

    Merry Christmas.

    Harriet Muir

  2. It's so cool how you've written this as a story Kingston and great video did you film that yourself? Lizzie @ Telecom


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