Friday, June 29, 2012

Term 2 Best writing

“Yay! only one more week until school holidays.” It is only Monday and already I can’t wait.
I am so happy that term 2 is nearly finished, because as soon as I get home I am going to relax and watch movies. Whoever is reading this I am pretty sure you are happy that the term is nearly finished too.  

I don’t know what i’m going to do in the holidays, but when that day comes I will decide what to do. If it is hot in the holidays I might go to the beach for a swim. I have heaps of plans for the holidays but it all depends on the weather.

In the holidays I am so looking forward to going to the Panmure Wharf. The Wharf is a little platform that extends right out to the water. If it is sunny I am going to go to the Wharf everyday. This is one of my favourite places outside of school.

I have been working on this piece of writing for the whole week, so that means today is Friday the last day of term 2. Everyone have a good break in the holidays and see you all in Term 3!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Favourite Place In The School

Last week room 18 have been given the task to take photos of their favourite place in the school. Then we have to sketch and paint them in a particular style.

”Oh man what am I going to choose”. I had a hard time trying to pick where my favourite place was. There were heaps of places to choose from like the Fields, the Breeze and the drinking fountains. “ This one is the best!” At the end of all my deciding The Street stood out the most for me.

The Street is my favourite place in the school, because I like to hang out there everyday. The Street is a little building in our school that the senior classes are in ( A.K.A the senior block). My last reason why I like the Street, is because if it wasn’t there all the older kids (including me) will have to be surrounded by the little kids classes.

After we take our photos we have to sketch them in a style of an artist. Anyway We are sketching our photo’s because Pt. England School is having an Art gallery. Thinking of what my work will look like I reckon it will probably sell for at least $10.

Since our Pt england school Art gallery is next week my class is sketching this whole week. If you are reading this post, you should come to our gallery because you never know you might find something you like.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Reflective Writing

This term the room 18 reading groups have been reading novels. My group (Einsteins) are reading an interesting book called The Angel Experiment.

Even though I have only read chapter 1 - 8 and already I am hooked into this book. In this story there are only 6 main characters that have powers. The leader of these characters which is only fourteen years old can fly. This person is tough and fights like a man but she is actually a girl. These people are only 98% human and the other 2% has had a big impact.

Based on the chapters I have read so far, I will probably have to give it a 10/10. I have given it a 10 because it has heaps of action and it also has good vocabulary throughout this text. I also like the way the author uses his vocab to explain something that was happening.

I have probably only spent  two weeks reading this book and I am already hooked, so if you are reading this, you should read the book yourself!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blues vs Chiefs

 “Go Auckland Blues!" On Saturday the 3rd of June, 85 kids from Pt England school got given the opportunity to watch the Blues and Chiefs play each other live at North Harbour Stadium. Our school was kindly given 85 free tickets to the game by Telecom.

Anyway I was the 80th person to take my permission slip into the office. “Phew!” Luckily I didn’t miss out! That would of been a bummer. The teacher who organised everything was Mr Jacobsen, and he said “if you’re not at school by 6:15pm on Saturday night then someone else is taking your seat”.

As our two buses (provided by Telecom) arrived at North Harbour Stadium on Saturday night, Mr Jacobsen had to calm all the kids down because we were all filled with excitement. We headed into the stadium with the rest of the crowd and found our seats on level three. Finally the siren went off to start the first half of the game. The Blues and Chiefs were neck and neck throughout most of this half.

At half time every single kid got given a free punnet of hot chips from Telecom. When I received my chips I was happy and then got hooked back into the game. When the second half hit, the Chiefs were on a roll to score their next try. I was getting worried because it looked like the Blues couldn’t hold the Chiefs off for much longer. Soon they broke through their line and scored. The end of this game was heartbreaking to watch because the Blues came so close to winning, but in the end they just missed out. The final score was 41-34 to the Chiefs.

When the game had ended, and we headed back to school, my friends and I kept thinking about how close the Auckland Blues came to winning against the Chiefs. Anyway, thanks to Telecom for providing the opportunity for so many kids to go to watch the game live. We wouldn’t of gone if it wasn’t for Telecom.