Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Extension Project

In the year 5 and 6 extension group we have been making movies about athletes that do different sports at the Commonwealth games. So Mrs Tele'a handed out different sports to the group. When I got mine I was not sure what I was going to do because I hadn't been watch the commonwealth games, mine was Table tennis. After A weeks time it came to A point where we had to stop working on our movies.
This is my movie hope you enjoy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First week of swimming

“Man its cold I'm glad I don’t have to get in the pool” I said to myself. On the first of November there was a pool that had magically appeared on the school’s senior court. Wednesday was room 15’s turn to have their swimming lesson. There was a man called Chris waiting for us to come. I saw people squeeze into life jackets. on some of them they looked pretty tight . Chris even helped us Adjust our life jackets.

Chris is our mentor. He is here to help us with water safety. He works at a water safety company too. Every Wednesday he takes us for a swimming lesson. So far we have only had one lesson. On our first lesson I didn’t get to swim because I forgot to bring my togs.

Shivering and shaking room15 hopped into the pool with excitement. As soon as room15 were in the pool Chris Started our first lesson. First we got into the help position then we sang the national Anthem. While we were singing we were disturbing the other classes that were having their writing test.

Even though I didn’t get to swim I still had a good time because I got to record.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Manaiakalani Film Festival

“Yay we are going to the Hoyts movie theatre today to watch different movies from different schools on the biggest screen in New Zealand,” I said to myself. On Thursday the 11th of November the whole of Pt England school went to Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani film festival.

In the morning some of the Pt England students waited in the hall for the buses to come and pick us up. As soon as the buses arrived at Pt England School everyone quietly walked in their lines to a bus. There were three of them. Three of my friends and I got shifted with the year 4’s and the rest of my class got taken in another bus. While my friends and I sat in the bus we listened to the year 4’s sing.

When we got to the Sylvia Park movies my friends and I met up with the rest of my class. We strode up to the Hoyts theatre, while Mr music J directed us to the biggest screen in New Zealand. I saw lots of different schools such as St Pius, Panmure Bridge, Glen Brae, Tamaki Intermediate, Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary and of course Pt England. As all the schools were coming into the theatre, my friends lined up in a line and sat down on a chair so I joined them. It was very spacious.

Suddenly all the schools were in the theatre so the Manaiakalani film festival started. First you could hear this girl from our school called Toreka speaking. Then she appeared on the screen. After she opened up the film festival the first two presenters came up onto the stage. Their movie was the first to play. We saw lots of different movies from different schools.

I had six favourites. They were from Pt England, St Pius and Tamaki College. The ones that I liked from Pt England was ‘X Factor’, ‘New entrant dreamers’, ‘Wake up G.I’ and ‘A cautionary tale’. I think that the best one from St Pius was this one where their school was rewinding. Last but not least my best one was from Tamaki College. The title was ‘Feeling good, feeling great’.
Tamaki College was my best one because it had a good clip and I liked the raps in it.

Even though we didn’t stay there for the whole day I still had a good time at Sylvia Park. I enjoyed the movies and the bus rides. You can take a look at the movies from the film festival by clicking on this link http://www.manaiakalani.org/film-festival