Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Sunday

If you see the word ‘lauga’ in my writing it is the Niuean way of saying speech .

On Saturday the 22nd of August my family on my Dads side had White Sunday. My brother and I had to do a lauga.

“Oh do we have to go”? I said to my Dad. “Yes you do because you are saying a lauga and I want you guys to memorize it too” my dad said.

As you already know that people have Church on Sundays you should know that on one day of Church there is a White Sunday. It only comes once a year. It is a day to celebrate the children and for everyone to see how special they are to the Church.

“Today you guys have White Sunday and we are leaving soon, so hurry up and get dressed.” “Ok Dad” my brother and I replied and we set off to get dressed. We got dressed in black sulus, white long sleeve shirts and a black vest. Eventually we got to Church. My brother and I quickly practiced our laugas just so we knew it.

Suddenly Church started and we sang a song. Soon after my brother, cousins and I were standing in front of the Church. I was very nervous. A few minutes later it was time to say our laugas. It was nearly my turn but I didn’t want to say mine but I had to so I just stood there nervously. It finally became my turn and I waited for everyone to be quiet so that they could hear me.

When I finished my lauga I felt relieved and happy. My lauga was only about 1 minute long. It was a simple lauga because if I compared it to my cousins one there would have been a big difference.

After Church had finished we had a feed. There was chicken, rice crackles, pizza, chips and more that I can remember. At the end of the day me and my family went home happy and safe. We had a good day and we were full of food.

The End


  1. Hi son I enjoyed reading this blog about white Sunday. I thought you and your brother Jordan did very very well in memorizing and reading your Lauga's (speech) in the Niuean language. Your Mum and I were very happy and proud of you both. What a big lunch we had afterwards, their was so much food to eat and you are right. We did go home happy and full of food. What a good way to end the weekend.

    Keep working hard at School Kingston and listen to your teacher.

  2. Hi Kingston

    I am proud of you for memorizing your lauga. You spoke clearly and confidently in front of everyone. I am sure that nana and grandpa were proud of you too. Well done.

    love from Mum xx

  3. Thanks for the comments mum and dad. I appreciate it.

  4. wow good on ya kingston that was pritty coodt, i was gant bilive it, the force is strong in this one (lol)
    but on a serious note keep updating you're blogs i see great potential in you young grass hopper, if you enjoy writting about special events in you're life who knows you may develop a passion for writing, and aspire to one day be a journalist, and write about special events around the world and maybe publish one day,,, hey hey :) ching ching.

    well done.

  5. Hi Kingston,

    Great to hear that you participated in your church white sunday programme. You are not the only person to feel nervous when speaking infront of a large audience, alot of adults get nervous to including myself. Your parents tell me you did an awesome job. Well done Kingston you are a great role model for stevenson:) Keep up the great work!

  6. oh yes I forgot to mention that you look very sharp in your church out fit:)

  7. Hi Kingston,

    I really enjoyed reading your story about white Sunday. You definately did a great job, and it sounded like you had a great time and you looked handsome.

    Thanks for sharing your story and making our whole family proud. Well done.

    Mrs. Jeremiah

  8. Fakalofa Atu Kingston,

    I'm very impressed with your Blog. You have exceptional grammar, as well as spelling. You manage to express yourself very well in your writing. You have the makings of an excellent Journalist or Lawyer, so keep up the good work!

    I was smiling about your Blog on saying your Lauga, I remember when I used to do that many years ago in our Church as well! I was always nervous, and my Grandpa used to write me these three page Lauga's that went on and on - anyway, I really appreciated participating in them as I grew up, because it helped me with keeping my Niuean language and also going to Church was cool because all my friends and family were there.

    I'm really happy that you chose to join the Niuean group for the Fiafia Night, you made the right decision, because it is our Culture and who we are as a people. When I was in High School, I was the leader of the Niuean group in my final year of school. I felt very proud and happy because I enjoyed the dancing and singing in Niuean and showing other people my Culture.

    Anyway Kingston, I look forward to reading more of your Blogs. Study hard, and always think positive!

    Julie Talagi

  9. Hi Kingston,

    That was some impressive writing. I thoroughly enjoyed your recount! Lauga means the same in Samoan too. I remember White Sunday as a little girl. Like you, I did not want to do my lauga but what an accomplishment once I had done it.

    Good on you for sharing your experience and will look forward to some more blogging!

    Dianella Stewart (Leoden's Mum)


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