Wednesday, June 16, 2010


R.o.w 12 w.o.w reflection

What did I do well?
The thing I think I did well on was the shoe because it was detailed and it looked good.

how could I improve on what I did?
I could improve on my shoe because I think I could have done better.

Brick wall

what held you back from doing better?
The thing I think that held me back was myself because I kept taking and wasted time.


What is the purpose behind us doing Rock Our World?
1.Because we are famous.
2.To find out more about R.O.W.
3.Because we get to talk to people around the world.
4.Drawing the shoes.

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  1. Hi Kingston

    Do you think you could post a copy of your shoe? I would like to have a look at it. Hopefully next time you will spend less time talking and more time getting some work done. What do you think?



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