Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Zealand Decimate Canada

\Rugby world Cup 2011 be there. Last week on Sunday the All Blacks Played Canada in a Rugby game, This will depend on who is going to make it to the quarter finals. I knew that the All Blacks were going to win.

The third Try that Zac Guildford got was amazing. It was set up by Sonny Bill Williams and Mils. First Sonny Bill kicked the ball to Mils so he could suck in some players then offload it to Zac Guildford. All he had to do was run to the try line and score.

As soon as Canada score their first try, the Canadian crowd was so happy that they made lots of ruckus. The All Blacks couldn’t believe it. The guy who scored the try had to work for it, by busting through the All Blacks defense line.

Even though Canada got a thrashing I still think they did their best because they had the strength to bust through The All Black defense. Maybe they can Make it to the quarters in 2015.

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  1. Hi Kingston,

    Great post on the All Blacks vs Canada game. It was a good win for the All Blacks.Canada played really well and scored some points, but the mighty All Blacks were just too good. Quarter finals starts this weekend. Go the All Blacks.


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