Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art Alive!

Do you know what the real meaning of art is? Well in the past few days room 18 have been exploring and researching on different artists, so far we have only research on Pablo Picasso and Oscar Claude Monet. Room 18 have discovered that Picasso is not about perfection he is about different perspectives. For example, if he took a photo of someone he would draw half of the face looking foward and the other half would be what you could see on the side perspective. “ Ok room 18 after morning tea you are rotating to room 19 to learn about Oscar Claude Monet”, Mr Barks said. As soon as we arrived at room 19 Mr Slade had already wrote some notes down for us to copy. The technique we used with Mr Slade was little strokes (impressions).This was to make it more realistic. After learning about these two talented artists, it made me more interested in art.

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