Monday, November 12, 2012


Kingston was so happy that it was Sports Day. Kingston Is a 12 year old boy who is not Athletic but he still enjoys his School Athletics Day. “ Oh man I cannot wait until  Athletics start.” Kingston said

“ OK, first the  12 year old boys will be going to  the 75 & 100 metre sprints along the side of the far end of the field.”  as Mr Jacobson said “Take your marks, get set, go!” I was thinking of how fast all the other competitors were . As soon as the 12 year old boys came to their last activity until lunchtime Kingston remembered something. It created a big Problem.

"Oh no I ate all my lunch at morning tea, so I am going to have to starve for the hole of lunchtime."As Kingston sat on the grass just waiting for the lunchtime bell to ring he heard a voice behind him. He had no idea who the mysterious person was, so he slowly turned around and guess who it was..... It was his Dad.

"Hey Kingston, do you have any lunch?" His dad asked. "No But can you please go and buy me some." Kingston replied. Kingston was so happy that his dad bought him some lunch, because he was terrified to experience being hungry for the hole lunchtime."Thanks dad." Kingston said as his dad left to go home.

Kingston had fun at his school Athletics and  enjoyed his lunch from his dad. Even though he is not an athletic person he did well in most of his activities.

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