Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cross Country

“Take your marks... get set... GO”! This was Mr Burt’s signal to say we could leave the start line. I took off in a hurry. Last week on Thursday, Pt England school had our annual Cross Country event.  

Before all the runs, Mr Burt said a prayer and the House Captains said their chants. I am the boy house leader for the colour red, but at our school we call the colour red Te Arawa. Myself and the other Te Arawa leader (Jay’Lee) tried to be the loudest which I think we were.

All the year 8’s had to do a 3.5km run. It was a tough challenge but I managed to finish the race. I knew it was going to be hard but I had done even further runs so it was ok. During the race I nearly slipped over a few times, because the wet and muddy surface was too hard to run on. I tried to keep up with some of my fitter mates but my legs were killing me so I stopped to have a breather. Next thing you know they were well ahead of me. I knew then that I was going to have trouble keeping up, but I tried my best.

As I was fastly approaching my second lap the whole school was cheering. That gave me the momentum to try and catch up to the others. My second lap wasn’t as difficult as my first lap, but the soggy mud I stepped into caused me to slow down. I could see it, It was in an arms reach. I was so determined to cross the decorated finish line. My friends that had already finished, were waiting like I was a special guest or something.


  1. Hi Kingston,

    This recount on the cross-country is great and very interesting to read. I like how you described your race.

    Keep it up.

  2. Hi Kingston,

    I liked reading your piece of writing it had some good vocab in it. It was really muddy actually my legs were covered in mud by the end of the race. Maybe next time you could try and include some more detail about how you felt after the race.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Hey Kingston,

    I like this piece of writing about our cross country. It was fun but tiring. I like all the complex words that you put in there. Keep up the good work Kingston.


  4. Kia Ora Kingston,
    I like your post about cross country. It was all good. The only thing I don't understand is the start. Re-read it and see you mistake.

    Keep up the posts.

  5. Hello Kingston,

    Great writing about cross country, I like your story. Cross country is definitely not my favourite art of the year, but it's a good time to bond with friends. That was a good day for our school.

    Keep it up,


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