Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Family Walk

After Shortland Street had finished my family and I went for a walk around the block. While we were walking I was playing with a rugby ball. I threw it up in the air but when it came down I dropped it, and it nearly went on the road. My mum said ''Kingston get the ball'' so I ran for the ball and got it. While walking around the block I was getting puffed out because I kept having to run and catch up with my family.

When we got to Ruapotaka my family stopped for the twins because something was wrong with the pram. But I kept walking and while I was walking I was singing a song called 'Black Box'. It is sung by a person who won Australian Idol and his name is Stan Walker.

Suddenly it came to a point when I had to stop because I was a bit too far away from my family. So I waited for them to catch up. Just when we were about to walk round Glen Innes my brother Jordan asked me if I wanted to have a race with him, but I said ''no'' because I knew I was going to lose.

When we got to Court Cres my brother asked me if I wanted to have another race. I said ''no'' again, but my brother just sprinted off. While he was running I was trying to run with him too but I couldn't. So I just walked with shame. Nah I'm just lying, but I was tired. Finally I got home and I was happy. I waited for the rest of my family to get home. Suddenly they turned up and we stretched. Even though I was tired I still had a good walk.


  1. What a cool post Kingston. You have a fantastic family to all go out walking like that. You must be getting very fit. I bet the twins enjoy the ride too. Mrs Burt

  2. Hi there Kingston. It's great that you get to go out walking in the evening. I must say that I often think of doing that with my family but haven't done it lately. You've inspired me to get it going again. I think you have written a good - entertaining story of your walk. I laughed when I read about Jordan challenging you to a race. I have a sister who would do that to me too - knowing full well she'd win! It's great to see you posting outside of school time too. Keep it going Kingston.
    Mrs Tele'a

  3. What a great story Kingston. I really enjoyed reading about your walk with your family and I love that you are writing on your blog at home. I bet your twins really had a great time too.
    I can't wait to read your next story.
    Ms Squires

  4. Hi Kingston its your friend Starford. I would be very tired catching up with my family if they walk fast.


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