Friday, April 9, 2010

Kingston's Camp Highlights

Last month in March the year 5's to 7's had a school camp. I was excited because I had never been on a school camp like this before. As soon as our camp started, everybody raced off to their activities, such as bowling, skating, rock climbing, cooking and others.

Skating for me was a disaster because I kept falling over and it was sore. Some of the kids were good at it and some weren't. I think the kids that were good were good because they practice or they have their own roller skates at home.

One enjoyable thing about skating was that my dad was there to support me and he bought me a drink because I badly needed it. The best thing about camp was playing with my friends at lots of different activities and having fun on the last day of camp at Swim-a-rama pools.


  1. Hi Kingston,
    You've got a great post with awesome photos! It was great being in the same group as you. I can't wait till next year's camp. See you next week, hope you're having a good holiday.

    From Darius

  2. Hi Kingston

    I like this. I always enjoy reading your blog. I hope your having a great holiday. bye for now.

    Shoals mum

  3. Hi Kingston,
    So great to read about your experiences at camp. It sure was a fun week. Perhaps next year won't be a disaster at roller-blading for you. But you know, I hate falling over too.
    Keep up the great writing

  4. Hay Kingston

    it looks like you had fun in your camp like i did.

    keep up that good story



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