Monday, April 26, 2010

Immersion Assembly term2

Suddenly a siren blared as Mr J walked though the door telling us what to do. It was our Immersion assembly to welcome PT England back to school, for term2, our topic was Active Earth.

My highlight of Immersion assembly was when it was team 4's turn to perform on the stage, I was excited.First Maggie Magma and her assistant Miss Lava lava introduced themselves and then
Maggie Magma announced the contestant's. there were Cinders, Miss Larha, and Super sonic
electronic tectonic bionic.

My other favourite item was team 1's item. It was cool when Miss Wild coughed out flour
because it looked real. I can not wait till next terms immersion assembly.

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  1. Hi Kingston
    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed immersion assembly. Team four's item was very cool and interesting to watch. I hope that you learn a lot about this term's topic. Maybe next time you could add more detail to your writing. Keep up the good work.


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