Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New netbooks

I can go on my netbook where ever I am and when ever I want to.We are using netbooks now so we can get ready for the furture.

As soon as we got given our netbooks we were ready to turn it on and set it up. Finally we were unboxing our new brand spanking netbooks, we grabed it out.We were really excited.

I was energised when we got to first play on our netbooks. When we first went on the internet I was very confused that the connection was not working. After a while i figured out were tux typing, because it was in games.


  1. Hey Kingston
    You have a nice way of describing what it was like to first play on your brand new net books. it's surely a very fun thing to play on don't you think. I would loike to read more of your post's so go hard and don't give up.


  2. Hey Kingston,
    When I Had my new sparkling Net-book I was excited too! Maybe you could tell me more things about Net-books because they are really fun. Well keep up the good work Kingston.

  3. Hi Kingston

    My how times have changed! Its amazing how students are now using netbooks for their learning. What a huge difference compared to when I was your age. When I was in Year 6 (standard 4) I had seen typewriters, but I don't think I'd ever seen a computer, let alone used one. WOW!



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