Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Do you know what Comets are? Room 17 and 16 have been learning about Comets and what they consist of, we made some for us to eat. If you don't know what Comets are I am going to tell you a bit about them.

Comets really consist of ice, rocks and it is also very dirty and dusty. If they get too close to the Sun a bit of rock will fall off it, this could cause a Meteorite. These Comets also have tails at the back or front of them that show the direction to the Sun.

Room 17 have made some Comets that you can eat. First we got a scoop of Ice cream and took it outside to get coated, with crushed Biscuits, Chocolate sprinkles and hundreds and thousands. The last thing we had to do was to put it on a cone and eat it. Finally the moment came and it was time to eat these delicious looking Comets. "Yum" I couldn't wait to demolish the whole thing.

At the end of all this chaos, there was a huge mess on the ground from the Coating. There was mess everywhere. It was on the ground, on peoples faces it was even on my hands and T-shirt. Even though there was lots of mess around, I still think this was a good experience for all of us.

When all the Comets were finish and all the mess was packed up, it was time to get ready to go home. I would recommend this for a family desert and hope my family and I make these one time.

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  1. Hi Kingston,

    Great post. Must have been fun making comets out of ice cream, chocolate and sprinkles. Lucky you. Well done.


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