Friday, March 30, 2012

Going Down To Tamaki College

“Ok Room 18 we are going to Tamaki College now”, Mr Barks said. Last week on Friday room 18 and 16 got given the opportunity to go down to Tamaki rec, for fitness and cool games.

As soon as we arrived at Tamaki College we went inside the rec - centre, and got greeted by the Tamaki students. When that was over my group and I got escorted to our destination. The first activity was a game called Octopus. Octopus is like Bull rush but different. During the game I got exhausted and dehydrated so I went for a drink. This game came to an end so we gathered together and went to our next activity.

“Blindfolded! We’re going to be blindfolded on an obstacle course!”. “Oh no!” I said. As soon as I heard that I wasn’t looking forward to it. When it was my turn I was terrified because I knew I was not going to be successful. Halfway through my turn I started to enjoy myself, I enjoy it so much that I lost control and fell off one of the planks.

Finally our last task came it was a Dougie competition. Most of the kids dougied but not all of them. I was one of the ones that didn’t because it will be embarrassing for me. The dougie comp turned it a dougie battle between Starford and Jephte, they were both doing moves that I have never seen before. These two contenders were to good so our mentors decided to make them both winners.

At the end of our session we all returned to the rec centre and said “thank you”. From there we left to go back to school. I enjoyed going to Tamaki, I also enjoyed all the fun things we did together as a group. My number one highlight would probably have to be the Obstacle course even though it was a bit scary at first. “Can’t wait till next week” I said.

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  1. Hi Kingston. Being blindfolded while on an obstacle course does sound pretty tricky! I'm glad to hear that you eventually enjoyed it, even though you fell off. Too bad you didn't have the confidence to dougie because I know that you are really good at it. Keep up the great blog posts son. xx


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