Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

Do you know who Dr. Ben Carson is? If you don’t know who he is I will tell you about him.

Dr. Ben Carson is an inspirational man who is successful with his job. He is actually a Neurosurgeon. This man successfully separated twins who were born stuck together by the back of their heads. Both of them lived. 13 other people in the past have attempted to separate other twins but one of the twins died or both died.

Today the year 5, 6, 7 and 8’s of Pt . England school went to meet Dr. Ben Carson at the Telstra Clear Centre. We weren’t the only school there. Heaps of other schools arrived a little later then us. When we started we first sang the Duffy song. Then Dr. Ben Carson came out, and told us about his life and how he got to where is now.

Even before Ben Carson started telling us about his life I was glad that I had the opportunity to go there. “When I was about your guys age other kids in my class teased me because I was the dumbest kid in the class” Ben Carson said. During Ben Carson’s childhood, he told us that his mother told him and his older brother that they had to read two books a week. At the end of the week they had to have a book review about what they had read.

After a while he got used to reading books and eventually he was at the top of his class.

If you are interested in learning a bit about Ben Carson you should watch a movie called ‘Gifted Hands - The Ben Carson story’. It is a movie about his childhood and how he grew up. It is also about how he got to where he his now.

Do you think that Dr. Ben Carson is inspirational? I think he is! You never know, you could end up like him in the future.


  1. Hi Kingston, so glad you enjoyed Dr Ben Carson and that you learnt a lot from him. He really is inspirational! Have a look at this if you are allowed to - your teacher might like it to. A documentary on Dr Ben's visit to NZ.

    Kevin from Mainfreight

  2. Hi Kingston

    It was a real privilege to see and hear Dr Ben Carson speak at the Telstra Clear Centre wasn't it? It just goes to show that if you try your best, believe in yourself and work really hard, you can do anything. can do anything and become anything you want to be!!!



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