Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reading Eggs

“Ok class today we are going to be exploring a new reading program, called reading eggs”. Last week Room 18 started using a new reading program to improve there reading. So far I am enjoying it.

When we go on to reading eggs we are only allowed to do activities that will make us improve. This is because there is are place on the program that you can buy stuff to dress your avatar. For example if you are caught dressing your avatar during school time, you will immediately be on detention no questions asked. Note to myself: YIKES DO NOT GO TO THE MALL!

I reckon that I’m at an average level for my reading. Now that I have been introduced to this site it is definitely going to help me improve. I am not that good at reading but I am going to learn heaps of new things that I have never known about.

So far I think this program is interesting and it is also a fun way to get better at reading. The only negative thing about this program is that it can be very tempting to go to the mall and purchase stuff. I could not wait to see want things there were inside the shopping mall, so as soon as I got home  I went straight to the mall and dressed up my avatar.

Overall I think this program is going to help burst my reading up to a high level that is expected for my standards!

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  1. Hi Kingston

    This sounds like an interesting reading program. I hope that you have been trying your best to improve your reading skills. Keep up the great work.

    Mum xx


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