Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Archery Olympics

Do you know what archery is about? Well if you didn’t, it’s a type of sport that involves using a bow and arrow. This year the Olympics is on and it is going to be held in London. It is our topic for this term and our theme is ‘Go for Gold’.  Room 18 have been assigned a task to find an Olympic sporting event to write about. I have chosen archery because it looks cool and it is something that I have never done before. I thought it would be an interesting sport to write about.

I found out that there are hardly any rules for archery, except that you need to shoot the arrow and get it as close as you can to the bullseye. The following are safety rules that apply in archery. First you need to safely keep the bow and arrows out of reach of children. You also need to hold the arrows and bow towards the ground, and last of all do not poke anyone with any sharp parts of equipment.

Archery first appeared in the time of ancient Egypt. They adopted archery at least 5000 years ago for the purposes of hunting and warfare. The bow was actually invented thousands of years before that. The use of bows and arrows for warfare died out after the invention of guns.

These days archery is used only for sports, competition and for fun. Archery has become more popular from movies like ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’. I have learnt heaps of interesting facts and information about archery. I found out things about archery that I never knew before.

        After seeing people on T.V shooting arrows it has made me realize that archery is a dangerous sport. Anyway researching information about archery was an interesting task. One day I hope that I could actually shoot some arrows at a shooting range!

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  1. Hi Kingston

    Archery does look like it is an interesting sport. I've actually had a go at archery in the past, but I was not very good at it. Did you know that Mrs Slade's sister has an Olympic medal for archery? Pretty cool don't you think? Anyway keep up the great writing.

    Love from Mum xx


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