Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pepa Day Out

“I’m not ready to record, I forgot the lyrics!” A small group of rap boys have recorded some footage of a song called ‘Go Hard’ by Tyson Tyler and J williams. We went to different locations around Auckland to record.

The Pepa rap boys went to places around Auckland like the Museum, Town, Sky City, Burger King and recorded in the Green room at school. All the boys including me were all excited  to go around Auckland as a group. I was so happy that I got dressed one hour before I left my house.

As we arrived at different locations we all were starting to get hungry. We went to Town and saw these guys dancing on the street with a little stereo. “Why not dance with them, it will be fun” all of us said. So we went and had a dance battle.

It came to a point where we all had to eat because we were starving. So we all went for lunch at Burger King. I ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a drink. As I looked around to see what everyone else was eating they had big burgers and fries.

The Pepa boys day out was fun, and I really enjoyed it. I went home with a smile on face and of course a full stomach!

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