Wednesday, September 5, 2012

League Tournament

“Oh yes! The league tournament is today”. Last week there was a League tournament held at Dunkirk between the local schools.

As the Pt.England Team A and B arrived at the fields we looked at the other players from different schools and there were huge and tall. As I looked around at my team we had hardly any big and tall players except for the year eights, but they weren’t that big. I was in the second team ( team B ) because I was not a good player and I didn’t go to all the trainings.

As my team started our first game I hopped I scored a try because it would be cool. I would of been happy even if I was close to scoring a try. Anyway in one of my team’s games I reckon I had a good run and nearly scored a try, but I just got cut down close to the try line.  

At the end of the tournament I was a bit confused of who came first, second, third, fourth and fifth. Anyway I know that bailey Road came first, Pt.England A came second, I think Tamaki intermediate came third, Stanhope came fourth and My team team B came fifth. Even though we came fifth I was still happy that we competed in the tournament. I am happy with the team and myself.

When the boys that represented our school including me, came from the tournament all of us were exhausted. Next year I am going to try to make the A team!

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