Monday, November 5, 2012

(Kingston & Dillon) Partner Narrative

It was a dark cloudy day, and Jack & Joe was certain about it raining. They decided to go for a ride to Tachmanhow, It was only a 1 hour ride from there house.  
As they were driving Joe was curious of what the annoying noise was in their car.“Zzzzzzz, arrr it's a wasp get it out of my face”replied  Jack. “Stop the car” shouted Joe. BANG!!! hey had smashed into a Humongous tall tough tree. “Ouch” screamed Joe.

Joe said to Jack “hurry get out of the car its going to blow up”.  Jack said “you have to pull me out i’m injured”. “ OK give me your hand i'll pull you out”. 1, 2, 3 counted Joe and  he pulled Jack out using all his strength. “ ”Yes, yes i’m free,
thank you for helping me, now we better get out of here”.

Even though Jack and Joe lost their car they are lucky they didn't lose their lives. They went home and thought man we shouldn't have panicked.

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