Friday, May 10, 2013


Do you know who Will.I.AM is? If you don't he is a famous singer, and he is also in a group called 'Black Eyed Peas'. Before everything started Patrick and Vivienne greeted Will.I.AM into our school.

Today Pt.England school and some other schools had the opportunity to meet Will.I.AM, and he told us about his life and how he grew up. When he was young he lived in a poor area (which is East of Los Angeles) and his mum raised him and his brothers. He didn't get to meet his dad so his dream was to look after his mother. I think that it is pretty cool that he wasn't rich when he was young but then he became very successful in life and with music.

Will.I.AM also talked about choosing the right friends, because he said "If it wasn't for his friends he wouldn't be were he is today. When he was young he avoided being with the wrong friends, because most of the people he used to go to school with probably ended up in Jail. To me that was a good message. I have to think about choosing the right things too.

The generous Will.I.AM was kind enough to give The Manaiakalani Trust a check of $100,000. Everyone including me was surprised. That was his gift to us, so our gift to him was that Hallenstein Brothers gave him a Maori necklace.   

I had fun seeing Will.I.AM but I wanted him to sing, if he comes again hopefully he would sing!!!

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  1. Hi Kingston

    It was pretty awesome when came to our school. What an amazing experience. He had some really positive messages to share and I am glad that you liked what he had to say. Keep up the great work!


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