Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This is the research that our groups Muri paroa and Toki have been working on about diabetes for the past week. In Room 20 at Point England school. Thanks to our awesome Teacher Mrs Squires.

There are many consequences to having Diabetes. These include stroke, dehydration, blindness, and many more. They can become a lot worse if not treated immediately and can lead to death. There are two different types of Diabetes, Type 1 and 2. You can only get Type 1 if  you are born with it, Type two is a different story. It can be passed down from the family, this is called a genetic condition.

Thirst is caused by an overflow of glucose and insulin, Building up in the body cells that are not responding to the insulin. So when it builds up there's no water to flush it back into the bloodstream. So the water from the blood cells flush the glucose and insulin out and thats why you become thirsty.

To avoid serious complications, people with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar level at an average level. A good diet, and exercise will help to control the amount of sugar that goes in the Blood stream. If the sugar level is too low then that can cause tiredness *quick note* [ the glucose is like an energy source so if there’s not enough then you're not getting that much energy.   


  1. Hi Kingston. I enjoyed reading your blog about diabetes. I found it very informative and interesting. You were also used good language to describe the medical condition. Great work!

  2. Hi Kingston

    Great post about diabetes. You have certainly done your homework and researched some good information about diabetes. You are right, people with diabetes need to take care of their sugar levels otherwise they could become quite sick. Keep posting more of your learning!


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