Monday, June 10, 2013

SSW Week 6 (20 Hour Famine)

The 20 Hour Famine is an event that happens every year. It is to help kids all around the world that don’t have any food, shelter, and even Families. This year the Famine is targeting a place called Bougainville, which is in Papua New Guinea. I have always wondered what it was like to be starving, and so this year I did experience hunger.

The reason why people do the Famine is to Fundraise money to help these kids who are really desperate for food. If I had to compare myself to kids in Bougainville it will be sad. They are not well educated and their brains don’t function properly because they don’t get the foods they need.

Another sad thing About Bougainville is that they don’t drink clean water. Kids there often get sick and when they go to the doctors the doctor is hardly even there. They don’t have the medicine that they really need. I had just found out something very disgusting and sad. Sometimes people In Bougainville do their business in a river, then later on they get their water to drink from their.

Some students were picked or volunteered to do the Famine. We slept over in our school library, and did exciting activities. Such as Playing a balloon game, Team challenges and even watched a movie. Even though I was hungry I still had a great time!

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  1. Well done Kingston. Children in NZ don't realise how lucky they really are. I'm glad that you have managed to be a part of the 20 Hour Famine throughout your years at Pt England School. Don't forget to collect your sponsorship money and thank your sponsors.

    Mum xx


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