Friday, June 21, 2013

6 Hats

Blue Hat:
Starford:focus more on what we need to do
Kingston: I need to stop mucking around and get some work done.

Red Hat:
Starford: I felt really motivated this week while making our video
Kingston: I felt like we needed to do more work.

Black Hat:
Starford: I didn't enjoy planning the movie
Kingston: I didn’t enjoy editing

Yellow Hat:
Starford: I enjoyed  doing the funny parts in our video
Kingston: I enjoyed working with my mates.

Green Hat:
Kingston: An interesting thing that happen this week was that we actually finished our movie.
Starford: A interesting fact that happened this week

White Hat:
Starford: I learnt that we need to stop mucking around.    
Kingston: I learnt how to hold an Ipad.

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