Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World War 2 K,R,D

Our movie was based on the start and end of World War Two. Our purpose was to inform our audience about how  world war 2 started and ended. I think we achieved our goal because that was our main focus in the movie.

What was good is that we did a lot of animation and we finished the actual movie (wasn't on time)! We completed our movie in the extended time we were given.  We did a good job with the voice over, because it was clear and it explained a lot of information. Also we put a good sound track in the background, that matched the mood of the movie. Another positive was that we were happy with our finished product.

(Minus/things to work on)
I think we needed to finish our movie on time and to draw our own graphics. We traced some of our graphics, but I'm happy that we finished our movie. We didn't finish our movie on time because we were so busy with other things for the school.  We could've had more acting in our movie to make it more interesting and to
The information that we found was interesting to me, because I didn't know much about the World War 2. Another interesting thing about our movie is that we had cool animations to help the voice over.

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