Tuesday, October 1, 2013


"YAY, its finally the holidays",I said to myself. After all that learning and development that I have gained this term, I finally get a break. It is the holidays, always the perfect time when families relax.  So far my family hasn't done anything cool, in other words my holiday has been pretty boring. I wish I could go to Rainbow's End, or even go to the pools, but instead I have to stay home with my 3 siblings and parents.

When school was still on I couldn't wait for the holidays to come. Now it has, I am stuck at home with nothing to do. Sometimes I wish I could get out of bed at 7:45am and go to school. I don't know why I hate getting up to go to school so much, but sometimes I like it. Maybe its because of all the learning ? I don't know, but when I'm at home I feel like playing touch with my friends on our school field.

Hopefully in the weeks to come my family will do something Cool. TO BE CONTINUED!

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