Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Halloween List:

I don’t know much about Halloween, besides from knocking on random people’s doors and asking for lollies. Over the years nobody in my family has told stories about Halloween. If there wasn’t a reason for Halloween then there probably wouldn’t be a such thing called Halloween.  

History Channel:
After watching a movie about Halloween, I have gathered lots of information about Halloween. Samhain To represent the dark half. The days became shorter and the nights were longer.

Purgatory, souls that don’t go to heaven or hell. People get given a cake, so that they could pray for people in Purgatory.

Since my previous piece of writing, I have learnt that Halloween has much more meaning. They moved ‘All Saints Day’ from May 13th to November 1st. People used to say All hallows eves instead of Samhain, which was a day before All saints day then finally it became Halloween. Samhain was a day to celebrate good harvest, the days became shorter and the nights grew longer.

Laumoria is a day that people pour milk on graves. November 2nd, also known as all souls day. On that day People used to pray for people in purgatory, and in exchange they got little soul cakes.

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  1. That's super interesting Kingston! I wonder what are the meanings behind all the other celebrations we have...

    -Joshua I


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