Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Auckland VS Syria

I woke up to another day of the same boring routine. “Get out of bed and make breakfast” I said to myself. It is so boring to get out of bed just before sunrise and to waste 10 minutes of your day making breakfast. But if you think about it, I am actually blessed to even have easy access to food and water. “Praise the Lord”, I said to myself.

The sound of guns firing was such a disappointing thing to hear. I thought to myself, “can’t there just be one day where I wake up and hear the sound of birds flying past my house, chirping?”. Anyway I hurry to my siblings room to get them to safety. It was time to leave the country.

Life at Pt. England has been really cool. Learning, playing with my friends and most of all getting netbooks. I have really easy access to the internet and knowledge where kids in other parts of the world don’t go to school. I am so                         grateful for living in New Zealand.

“I really need to go to school” , I think to myself. I know I can be successful but I need to learn. I wish I could go to school but my family can’t afford for me to go to school. I don’t have internet, and not enough food and water for my brain to develop properly. I need to get a better education.

As I settle down into my nice warm blankets, I stare at the ceiling, thinking about how great my life is.

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