Monday, November 18, 2013


Kendrix, the friend to always look up to. He is a good friend to rely on and to talk to. He is tall and very sporty. He is brainy and has a good reputation. Kendrix and I played for the same Rugby Union club, (MARIST). Kendrix is a Flanker/Lock for our Marist team. At the end of the day he is a GOOD friend!

Waata, He is a sporty kind of a guy, and very kick back. He is a good league player, and can tackle some big guys. He is a good friend to talk to and to be around. Waata and I are in the same class, he is tall and I am short. Waata is brainy too, and he is very good as Maths. I have known Waata since I started school. Waata is a good friend!

Samuela, is very athletic. He has made rep teams for Rugby union. He is funny and is always being a good friend. Samuela is very fast and went to the zone athletics. He is always known for being fast. Samuela is taller than me and has good grades. I have also known this good friend since I started school.

Crusader, the funniest guy I know. He is very sporty. He was born one day before me but, he is way taller than me. Everyday he is always funny, I never get tired of his jokes. This guy has also made rep teams (Bill Mac). Crusader has always been a good friend to talk to. He is a good friend.  

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