Friday, July 9, 2010

Braxston's Birthday

"Mum, Dad is it time to go now"? I said. "No not yet son". On Saturday the 3rd of July it was my cousin Braxston's 1st birthday. It was at Pizza Hutt in New Lynn. "Come on can we go now"? "I'm starting to get bored and hungry" I said. "Okay everyone jump in the car" dad said. "Finally!".

When I sat in the car I asked my mum and dad "how long do think it will take us to get there"?. "Just wait" they answered. Next thing you know we're there.

It took us 30 minutes to get to Pizza Hut. "Okay everyone jump out and go inside we're here now"said Dad. "Yeah" I said. "Happy Birthday Braxston". She had a humungous chocolate cake that had one candle sitting in the center of it. After that I went to find a chair (while waiting for my parents).My grandpa blessed the food but we couldn't hear him because there were too many people at Pizza Hutt.

A few minutes later we were eating pizza. I had two pizzas, some chips and Pepsi. It was delicous. "Man Jordan (my brother) I'm finished, are you full"? I asked him. "Naa not yet " he said. Then I asked him "should we get some more"? He said "yeahh" so we went to get one more pizza.

I think everyone had a fantastic time because they were happy, full, and they were thinking of going there again.


  1. WOW!what a nice cake mate. I saw you in the backround and looked pretty funny! I wonder how old the baby is. Well I am looking foward to your next post.

  2. Thank-you Starford

    The baby turned 1 and her birthday was cool. Thank you for the comment.


  3. Thanks for the comment Starford

    The baby just turned 1 and her birthday was cool. Once again thanks for the comment.


  4. Hi Kingston

    The famous Wickman Cake! I love it!...looked like a great birthday party. Did u eat heaps of cake?

    bye for now

    Shoals mum

  5. Hey Kingston so i guss you had a good time eating pizza.That cake was really big, who made it?I think everyone had a great time.That was an great writing you have written and it really hook me in.Keep up the good work.


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