Sunday, August 1, 2010


"Kia ora my name is Boy and welcome to my interesting world".

Have you seen the movie Boy? Well if you haven't it is a funny movie. Boy is about the life of an 11 year old Maori boy living in NZ. His real name is Alamein. He lives in a white house with his Nana, brother and cousins. His brother’s name is Rocky and his cousins names are Hucks, Kiko, Muria, Shay and Kelly.

One day the Nana leaves to go to a funeral. Since Boy is the oldest, their nana leaves him in charge of the kids and the house. Anyway I should tell you how my family and I felt watching the movie.

I liked the movie because it made me laugh. Boy’s father was the funniest character. Boy thinks his father can dance as good as Michael Jackson, is a master carver, deep sea treasure diver, and he actually thinks that his father can punch out a whole rugby team with one hand.

Boy’s father has his own gang called ‘The Crazy Horses’. Boy wants to be in it, but his father said that he was too young. I think that Boys father was a bit silly because he still acts like a kid.

My parents really loved the movie because it reminded them of school in the old days. In 1984 my mum was 11 just like Boy.

The movie Boy is a classic and I hope that there will be a Boy part 2. If you haven’t seen it, go and see it.

(P.S. Boy contains some violence and bad language that may offend some people)


  1. Hi Kingston,
    Like you I really loved the movie Boy. It was so funny. Did you know that Miss Tito bumped into the actor who plays Boy in the holidays when she was snowboarding at Ruapehu? She got a photo taken with him which is on her laptop. Pretty amazing! I liked reading about the movie on your blog. Well done.
    Ms Squires

  2. Hi Kingston,
    Boy was a cool movie to watch. Isn't Miss Tito lucky to meet the actor who played Boy? I'm sure that we'll see him starring again in future NZ movies. Anyway, I hope that you have been listening to your teacher and trying your best at all times. Good work son.

    from Mum xx

  3. Hi Kingston, Boy was really funny and enjoyable to watch, and yes it did remind me of my school days. I hope we see more of him in other NZ movies. Isn't that awesome that Miss Tito got to meet and take a photo with the actor who played boy in the movie.

    Well done Kingston. Keep up the good work at school and I look forward to reading more great writing from you.

    from Dad


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