Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cross Country

Today Pt.England had cross Country, I was very nervous. As soon as school had started everyone went to class and got ready for cross country. My class quickly rushed outside to line up for cross country. My friends and I were waiting to run. We were talking about it and we were discussing whether we should run at the back.

“Team 4 you're up”. It was finally our turn to run and we were all nervous. We were talking and then next minute a loud noise went off. “Bang" suddenly everyone sprinted off like a herd of animals, as fast as they could except for me and some of my friends.

While I was running my legs were pumping as I started to slow down. I got around the corner and stepped in some squishy mud. Then while I turned the next corner I stepped in some watery mud. My legs were covered in mud. My friend caught up to me then he started running with me. He was getting tired and then he said “man I need a drink.”

As we were slowly jogging to the end my friend Waata sprinted off, so my other friend Crusader jogged with me to the finish line. We sprinted to the end while people everywhere cheered.


  1. Hi Kingston

    Cross country was pretty exciting today. I'm glad that everyone got to race before it started to rain. Well done for completing your race. I saw you running with Crusader and I was cheering for you on the side line with Mrs Verry. Go Kingston! Go Te Arawa!

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed your cross country yesterday. It was good that the wheather stayed fine until the cross country was finished. The twins and I would have loved to be there to cheer you on. Good on you for trying your best and finishing the race.

    Dad and Twins

  3. Well done Kingston for participating in the race. Sounds like you had fun and got a little muddy while running. Thats great that you took it easy and jogged with your other classmate. I hope next year the weather is better so that your family and friends can come down and cheer you on....go kingston go....


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