Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Immersion Assembly

On Monday the 19th of July the whole of Point England had an Immersion Assembly. It was to welcome back Pt England school. The theme for this term is Mighty Mariners.
First Mr Burt came and did a prayer, then he showed us some footage of boats and people. After that movie had finished team 1 showed us their movie. Their movie was an animation about Kupe and the 7 canoes. (I had drawn all the pictures because my mum teaches in that team).

Then team2 (Mrs She and Miss Burne) got up and did a play. Teams three, four, and five followed after and Immersion Assembly was awesome.

Team five was really just Miss Tito disguised as Jessica Watson. Jessica Watson is the youngest person to sail around the world solo. I think that Miss Tito is a really good actor. The only thing was that she thinks Australia is the best at everything, she probably thinks that because Jessica Watson was from Australia. (playing her part).

I can’t wait to learn more about Mighty Mariners at school.

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  1. Hi Kingston

    So how are you enjoying the topic so far? I agree with you, I think that Miss Tito is a great actor. Thanks for creating the graphics for team one's movie.



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