Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

On Saturday morning there was an earthquake in Christchurch, the size was seven point one on the Richter scale.

The earthquake destroyed lots of old good houses and broke some sewage and water pipes. Lots of houses had collapsed and there were massive cracks in the ground and in the roads. There were broken cars, houses, roads and bent railway tracks.

There were some pretty dangerous places by houses because glass was still falling from them and were shattering over the ground. Sewage pipes were broken and then all the sewage water got mixed with the tap water so they told everyone to boil their water.

If I was in Christchurch when the earthquake happened I would have been scared because I might have got squashed. Anyway I feel sorry for the people in Christchurch because some people must have paid a lot of money on their car or house and now they are broken and damaged.


  1. Hi Kingston,

    Thank you for your story about the recent Christchurch earthquakes. I agree that it has been a sad time for those people who were affected. Like you, I feel sorry for them as well.

    Yesterday I donated a small amount of money to the Red Cross to help people who were affected by the earthquake. They will need money to help fix all the things that have been broken or lost.

    I have been watching updates on the news and have also listened to lots of updates on the radio. I hope there will be no more after shocks and all people in Christchurch will stay safe and well until things get back to normal.

    Keep up the great work Kingston. Your blogging is so interesting. Your writing is very good and getting better and better.

    I look forward to reading your next updates.

  2. Hi Kingston ! I am glad your mum directed me here. I love reading about all the things you are doing at school and at home. I really like all the descriptive words you use as well. They make me want to read more and more so keep writing.

    Andrea Fale

  3. Hi Kingston,

    WE LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Some great writing, and we have enjoyed reading all your stories.

    It was really sad to hear what happened in Christchurch, we would have been scared too if we were there, thanks for sharing your story.


    Love from Hayden, Hannah and Little David :)

  4. Fakalofa atu Kingston!

    Nice coverage of the Christchurch Earthquake. There was an earthquake not long after in Tonga the next day, so that is quite scary for us who live in Niue, because Tonga is quite close to our island.

    As soon as I heard about the earthquake in Christchurch, I went straight onto the internet to the NZ Herald website, and there were so many updates, news stories, and lots of pictures of the destruction the earthquake caused. I agree too, it was quite sad that people's properties were damaged, and that it would be quite expensive for them to fix, especially their houses.

    Keep up the great work on the Blog Kingston!

  5. Hi Kingston,

    Wow its awesome that you have a wide range of blogs. You have talked about many things happening in your life that have had a direct and indirect influence on you. You blogged about school, church, special occassions and now the christchurch earthquake. You should consider changing your name to Newsflash (haha). I love the way you describe events in your own words.

    well done kingston keep up the awesome work!

  6. Hi Kingston,

    Thanks for sharing this blog about the recent earthquakes in Christchurch.I thought it was well written. You are getting better and better with every post you put up. Well done, keep it up.


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