Saturday, September 18, 2010

Talk like a Pirate Day

On Friday the 17th of September, the whole of Pt. England had to dress up in pirate stuff. Some did and some didn't.

The night before pirate day, my dad stayed up and helped me decide what I was going to wear. He is so creative because he got his old white shirt, cut the sleeves, and put it on me. “You should wear this on you because pirates used to wear baggy stuff” he said. He is also creative because he got a soft toy parrot and pinned it onto my shoulder. He finally finished. My mum said “wow you look awesome.” I was standing like a statue in front of my mum.

I was wearing a white shirt, a black vest, a dark blue pair of jeans, an eye patch, a parrot and a piece of material on my head to make it look like a bandana.

“We are going in ten minutes” my mum said the next morning. “Okay” I replied. A few minutes later we left home. I started to get nervous. The minute my mum and I saw some Pt Englanders, we looked at them, and hardly anyone was dressed up.

By the time school had started I had already taken off most of my pirate stuff. In assembly my mum scanned all of room 15 (my class) to see where I was, but she couldn’t see me. So she looked again and spotted me on the end of the row next to my teacher and friend Richard. As soon as she saw me, I could see on her face that she was surprised to see I had no pirate stuff on.

As soon as assembly had finished every class went back to their rooms. Room 15 first ran to a white wall outside of the hall, then went to class. Some pirates from other classes were coming to see if anyone wanted to give a gold coin for the disco at lunch time. The whole point of the disco was to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake.

At the end of the day my mum wasn’t that annoyed at me for not wearing my pirate outfit because she had had a rough day at school. My dad was, because he had spent a lot of time and effort into my suit and I didn’t wear it.


  1. Hi Kingston,

    Thanks for sharing this blog Kingston. I was interested to hear how it went. I think you would have looked awesome in your pirate out fit. This would explain the big kiss and hug I got when you got home that Friday afternoon. Not to worry thats the way it goes sometime. we all get nervous at times, I think I would have done the same at your age.

    Great to see that your confidence in your writing is improving. You are doing well, keep it up.

  2. Hi Kingston

    I think that you looked really cool in your pirate outfit. Too bad you didn't wear the full costume in assembly. I was a little disappointed at first, but I wasn't mad at your decision to dress down a bit. I had a little talk with your Dad about it and he reckons he would have done the same thing!

    I love your writing. Its getting better and better and I'm really proud of you for keeping up with your posts. Great stuff son!

    Love from Mum xx

  3. Hi Kingston
    I am a mate of your mums. i havent seen you for years, but really enjoyed reading your blog. I am sure that Sandy and i did similar things when we went to GI intermediate. When i went to Glen Taylor my mum was a teacher there too. i remember going into her roon once and she had stapled a dress of mine to her wall for an 'olden days' display! Does you mum ever do things like that?

  4. Hi Kingston, I really enjoyed reading your post and several things stood out. First of all I am amazed by your awesome Dad! You are so lucky to have someone so creative and supportive looking out for you. Secondly I am most impressed by the way you have reflected on what happened that day and why you did what you did. I must admit I am a bit sad because I would have loved to see you wearing the full rig!
    Keep up this fantastic writing.
    Mrs Burt

  5. Thank-you for everyone that has commented on my Talk like a pirate day post. Thank-you.

  6. Fakalofa atu Kingston!

    Wow, a Pirates Day! I hope your mum and dad took photo's of your outfit! And even though you didn't wear it, at least you would have a photo as a keep sake! Anyway, I remember when my Primary School had such a day, I can't remember what it was called, but my Mum dressed me up as Aladdin because I had long hair. The whole school participated and I remember we all had to dress up and then the teachers made us parade on the big school field.

    Keep up the good work on the Blog Kingston, I look forward to reading more and more!


  7. Hi Kingston,

    I loved reading your blog this week. Sounds like you had an awesome pirate costume. Its too bad that not all the other Point Englanders had a cool and creative dad to help them with their costumes.

    That was really good of your school to hold a fundraising disco for the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake.

    I look forward to the Fiafia night on Thursday. I hear that your niuean group is going to be really good.

    See you then,

    Mrs. Jeremiah

  8. Hi Kingston,

    That was a very interesting blog. I saw you that morning in your awesome pirate outfit and I must say that you looked like a real pirate, I also noticed all the creativity your dad had put into your outfit. Sometimes you feel uncormfortable because you worry about what other children are wearing.

    I rememember when I was young Nana Mali was very creative just like your dad. She use to make me the lastest styles which back then were MC hammer jackets and pants but it was not for a fancy dress theme, I would wear it for everyday wear. Could you imagine me your mum, uncles and aunties wearing huge baggy pants which were tight at the waist and ankles not to mention the pacific floral prints. The fact that I felt cormfortable with what I wearing made other children comment on how I was so lucky to have a mum who was a awesome fashion designer.


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