Thursday, September 9, 2010

Duffy Show

“Duffy show? What is that?” I said. Oh I remember now, it’s that show where Duffy and his friends come to entertain all the children at Pt England School. On Tuesday the 7th of September every class got to go to the hall for the Duffy show.

As soon as my class and others arrived at the hall we found a spot to sit at and sat there throughout the show. First the Duffy crew told us the three rules for the show. Then they got straight into it.

The show was all about Duffy going on an O.E - occupation exploration. Duffy found out about what people do in their jobs and how to get one. It was a funny show because one of the people said “don’t chuck it again” in a funny voice. In some parts they were singing songs and volunteering people to spin a wheel. It was part of a game called “Spin the wheel” like on the Lotto.

My friends and I thought it was a good show because it was funny for us and because they had some pretty good actors.


  1. Hi Kingston,

    Goodness me I am having trouble keeping up with your blogs. Your mind must be working overtime!

    I liked how you explained the abbreviation O.E as I thought it meant overseas experience. What were the 3 rules of the show? The duffy show sounded like heaps of fun especially with the funny voice and "spin the wheel". Did you get to spin the wheel?

    I'm a fan of your blogs now Kingston( I posted before your mum)so I must be hooked. haha
    I'm looking forward to what you will blog about next.

  2. Thanks Aunty Wylma
    Unfortunately I didn't get to spin the wheel. The three rules were "shhhh" that means stop making noise the second rule was if we ask people to come up and volunteer to spin the wheel. The last one was sit on your bottom so the people behind you can see.

  3. Hi Kingston

    I see that aunty Wylma was quick to post a comment! I enjoyed watching the Duffy Show. They were very entertaining and great at singing. I hope the show inspired you to think about what kind of job you might like to have when you grow up. Maybe you could be a famous writer or journalist since you are getting better at blogging. Keep up the great posts Kingston.

    Mum xx

  4. Hi Kingston,

    Awesome post Kingston I also liked it when the guy said don't chuck it again and "spin the wheel". Keep up the awesome work Kingston.


  5. Hey Kingston
    The Duffy show was cool and very funny when Duffy the boy said "don't chuck it again!" Well keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Kingston,

    this page is awesome. Well I think your writing skills are awesome. You are writing better than me when I was at college hahaha. Anyway, good to hear all your news and thoughts about things. Has Jordan got a blog page anywhere. I'm looking forward to the fiafia night. Faith, Dan and I will be there.

    Plus, did you know that Dan and I are getting married on Wednesday 15 December 2010. I know people shouldn't get married twice but this is OK with Faith and me. Alright, catch ya later.

    Aunty steph,dan and Faith xx

  7. This is Faith!
    Good night Kingston.

    Faith x

  8. Hi Kingston,

    I liked your blog this week. Sounds like the Duffy show was cool. Do you have any ideas about your future O.E.?


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